I have a question… Infinate Flight isn’t documenting all my landings. I should be grade 2 at this point but ever time I make landings some of them don’t get documented. What should I do??

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The landings should show shortly after ending your flight. Be sure you press the end flight button to exit and not close or kill the app.

See if that helps.


The game wont record your landings until you END your flight also make sure to be touching down completely if you are performing touch and goes
hope you find this useful

no you have to land at an any airport not anywhere
and you don’t need to have spoilers or flaps just touching down completely

@Robertine provided that post for information, not for you to start answering the questions. Relax, let the OP come back before this carries on.

This. I’m at 105 flight sim and only 30 something landings. Always good to make sure, no matter if you’re doing touch and go’s, to touch down and end flight correctly at the end of your session. I even have made sure to taxi to parking and shut down just to give the server time to catch up before ending my flight.
If they don’t show just give it a few, perhaps restart the app, and check again.

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