Landings won't show up on live membership

After doing 5 flights with Live, my landings won’t show up on my Live account. I’ve landed every time, no ghosting or crashes. I haven’t been ghosted or violated, and have always followed arc instructions. How do I fix this? Everything else is showing up though

Sometimes you need to just wait a bit. The landings don’t calculate straight away. Refresh the app and then check again.

Just keep waiting and it should of calculated them and should show up soon.

Usually landings take a while to get registered into the system. Try restarting the app a couple of times, they’ll pop up eventually! :)

Give it 24 hours. If it doesn’t by then, come back. Sometimes the server doesn’t show them immediately but they are there

(Edit: didn’t realise it had already been answered twice. They were posted while I was typing)

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Ok thanks so much :)