Landings: Three Pointers?

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Can you consider three pointers as good landings?
For those of you who don’t know what a three pointer is, it is when you touch down with all wheels at once, instead of flaring, it is very rare to see airlines do this, but is it possible? And could a good three-pointer (good v/s and centerline) be considered a good landing?

Yes, it is possible but only light and GA aircraft really do this
Airliners are designed to land on the main gear first

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I’d consider a 3 pointer in a GA aircraft, but I just love the flare on a commercial Jetliner. They aren’t designed for hard impact on the nose gear.

Generally, no. The nose wheel is not as structurally strong and should not be absorbing the brunt force of any landing. The only exception I can think of it in an aircraft like the XCUB while trying to perform a short landing.

But no, it is not a good landing.

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No. One of the keys in landing GA is “protect the nose”. Continue to protect the nose throughout your roundout and flare. The only difference in GA is your nose wheel won’t be up in the air as long.


True, but generically for IF most people rarely keep the nosewheel in the air 😂

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casually lets nose gear down, finally

I sometimes just have fun keeping it in the air for as long as physically possible, while also not tail-striking 😂

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I can keep the nose of a 767 and A330 up until about 55kts and still gently set it down without tail striking.

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767’s and A330’s are very easy to do this, that is true 😂

No not really, in the Cessna POH it even says touch down main gear first.

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