Landings Submission

Uh- I need like 15 landings to get up to the Training Server. But when I landed, my Landings (90 days) stayed the same amount of landings. Do I have to submit a landing to get landings? Ugh, so much “landings.”

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Once 90 days are up, the table will erase those from the stars under that category. You have to stay current on those landings. Between now and 90 days ago, you need X amount of landings.

Keep in mind, these landing must occur on a live server to count. Since you need landings to access training server, you need to achieve those landings on the casual server and not solo

I was on the Casual Server. Live. I currently have 3 landings in the past 90 days, and they stayed the same even after I landed.

It sometimes takes a few minutes for the landing to register on your stats. Restart IF and see if it appears.

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