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I know what red yellow and red Runway numbers mean but I frequently fly to mslp, which is the International Airport of El Salvador and literally every single time I flown there Runway 07 is always red. Tonight is the first time I’ve ever seen it green. I don’t know if there’s a good answer for this but I’m just confused why it’s always red. I can’t imagine that there is constantly a Tailwind, like constantly. Please let me know your thoughts. by the way I hope everyone is staying safe and staying indoors during this time

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Hey, @Tyler_Barley!

MSLP is located near the sea, where Rwy 07 is facing it. The sea creates strong winds which, then causes the tailwinds to be created. The wind will constantly be facing the direction because thats how the wind works from the sea being created. I suggest landing at the other side, because landing with tailwinds is risky as you can get gusts that can greatly change your speed, thus make your landing risky.

Scroll a bit down, it will give you a yearly average Wind chart.
And yes, most airports have a major wind direction.


If you want the long answer I think this is it.

Due to the waters temperature retention ability from the high specific heat of water during the day the land heats up faster, and so the hot air over land rises, and cooler air over the ocean flows in to replace it, at night the water is warmer, and the opposite occurs, as warm air over the ocean rises and cooler land air flown in to replace it. This is why there’s almost always (even a fairy weak wether system can absolutely swap this, but as a rule of thumb this is generally true) that cool sea breeze when you go to the beach, and if your ever staying on the ocean and go out at night you’ll feel the wind flowing back out. That’s probably more than you bargained for, but the more you know, I’d be willing to bet a little early morning late night flight will get you an approach to the other end. If it’s further in than the map looks, and it’s just prevailing winds those are surprisingly consistent too, but the “sea breeze” and “land breeze” usually is penetrate about 15-25 miles, and up to 200 with synoptic flow, but that’s kinda cheating because that’s more or less a system boosting them. This could very well not be what it is, because some places do for various reasons just have very consistent winds, but my one minuet assessment says that’s probably a good chance of being the answer… 😉

Hope this helps, and my meteorology talk didn’t put you to sleep. 🤪


To make it simple, it just means that runway’s winds are not favorable if it’s red. But is NOT closed.
And vice versa, green is the most favorable.

no I appreciate it thank you very much. I just wish it was open more abuse it’s the only ILS approach

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Hum, that kinda makes me question my answer because usually airports would have the ILS approach on the end it would be more useful if that makes any sense, but given that it’s only 4.5 ish miles from the coast, and all flat land I’m almost certain that the above mentioned concept still applies. I’d still go with the sea breeze thing personally, but I’m neither a meteorologist nor an expert on this airport, and infinite flight is for all it is still a mobile game, so I suppose it’s far from infallible, so I guess take what I’ve given you if you like, but with a grain of salt, because it kinda feels like something isn’t adding up.

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When you look at the approach charts of the airport AIP you will see that there are some „obstacles“ aka Mountains close to the glidepath of runway 26.
This makes it dangerous, especially with crosswinds. So it might be more feasible to fly with a tailwind component over water then close to mountains when the conditions dictate a ILS approach.

A lot of funny approach plates for rwy 26 in there. One might take this as challenge in IF 😁.

Like this one:

With the FAP mid in a 180° turn, and the alignment with the runway only 3nm from touchdown.


As someone who has landed there multiple times. (Salvadoran here myself). I can tell you the landings from that side are always gusty, the explanations by @AlphaSeven and @KPIT were on point ;). Wish MSLP used 07 more often. Beautiful approach and you get the see the beautiful beaches.

I miss down there so much ;(

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Thank you. Yeah there was a volcano right before you get to the airport. It’s a beautiful approach and flight over El Salvador if anyone’s interested in flying ever

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I live here in San Salvador


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