Landings Question

I am trying to get my number of landings up so I can join the Expert Server again. I have landed multiple times within the last few hours but only 1 has been recorded. Is there a criteria that needs to be met for it to count as a landing? (Apologies if this is in the wrong category)

So the time between each landing should be 30 seconds, only then it will be registered as landing. Where you doing touch and go’s ? At the same airport ?
Not sure whether this 30 sec rule has changed in the new update.
For example>> the easy way to increasing your landings is by spawning in the airport which has longest runway, use a xcub take off and land do a slow flight, use a stopwatch timer in phone to track the 30 secs before you touch down and take off again (casual server)
Last time I remember you can do 10 landings in the longest runway before the runway got over, I forget the name of the airport it’s a military airport in USA with unpaved runway. Maybe the people in the community and help you out with exact airport code. Happy flying everyone ✌️

You should land on the runway (obviously), and stay on it for about 10 seconds. Then it should register.

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I will give it a go. Thanks for the advice!

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@Noodle_Duck is right, what I usually do is climb to around 200 feet in the Xcub then descend back down for a touch and go. Make sure your in the air for a couple seconds.

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