Landings Problem

Hi there! During Beta I had a strange landing amount of something around 50, knowing in fact that I have something around 80 in IF.
After I downgraded to the original IF from the beta, my normal landing amount of something around 80 returned, just to observe that the strange landing amount of 50, returned back.
I want to mark that I’m flying daily, so my landing count could not have been lost due to not flying.
Can my landings be returned? Thank you !
Previously opened the same topic, but I’ve not been answered

90 day landings are constantly changing depending on your level of activity for the past 90 days.
Last time you queried about this, we updated your account and nothing changed since there was nothing wrong.

You can have 80 landings (90 days) one day, and then the next you can have 50. It’s not uncommon.


You must have done a bunch of touch and go’s 91 days ago.

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Yeah, it’s not what you’re doing now, it’s what you did 90 days ago.

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Something did changed as I’ve flown

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I have no idea what you’re referring to since there’s no way to tell when neither of your screenshots were taken ;)

The first screenshot has been taken on my first request on the 4th of Nov, and the second has been taken today, just to show you that you did not update my account and it remained the same ;)
All I want is just my landings to be added back because I’ve really worked them, and I’ve flown daily so there’s no way for them to disappear due inactivity 🤷🏻‍♂️


There’s no landings that are missing.
90 days landings always change.

No update were made today, it was made last time you brought it up.

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