Landings not registering

Hi IFC, for whatever reason my last few landings have not been registering. Can anyone provide some insight on this issue?

Well, how recent ago were these landings? Sometimes it can take a little while for them to be registered into the system and saved to your account. If you were doing touch and goes, be sure to fully touch down and wait a bit before rotating to get back into the air

They were full stop landings on Expert. 2 landings failed to register yesterday, and another 2 today. This has been a recurring issue for over 24hrs.

Ok, so there’s a good chance that they haven’t registered yet because there could be a delay, I would say to wait another day or two and see if they have registered by then

This can be due to your internet connection. It happened to me before. When you land, if there is a red explanation point, that means you are not connected to the server and it will not count your landings. When you have the green checkmark, it will count them.

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I had a stable connection at the time

Hey, when you touch down the runway, make sure to slow down below 100kts, before pulling up the throttle. There is a chance that you may have not landed properly. The landings should register after your session, if it doesn’t, this means you might have not landed properly. This also applies to the Centreline. I am not an expert, but make sure to land perfectly.

I’ve only had this issue with full stop landings.

Have in mind that your landing count sometimes decreases over the period of 90 days. Make sure you know the number of landings you had before performing another flight, if you think there is a problem. There is a chance you may have not remembered the number of landings you have currently performed before another flight.

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