Landings not registering

Hey guys so I am trying to get back on the expert server by getting my landing count back up. But it seems every time I land when I go to my grade book it’s still says I have 70 landings to 58 violations. I have done over 20 flights with smooth landings in the past week but they are not showing up in my grade book. It’s really annoying that my stats are not changing even though I have been completing all of my flights recently. If anyone knows why it would be really helpful thanks.

there can be other factors. but make sure you do it on live. any stats on solo don’t count.

Yeah I know I don’t even fly on solo

try logging out and logging in of your IF acoount. many times it fixed that and new landings will add up.

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Tried it doesn’t seem to work but thanks for the help though really appreciate it. There is nothing that I can really do but I’ll keep trying :)

Maybe a short flight on casual would help update the system.

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Hi Gman!

For landings to count, it’s important that all three gear (two main gear and the nose wheel) make contact with the runway. When I do touch and goes I try to make sure that I’m on the runway for at least 5 seconds before lifting off again.

There are folks out there with thousands of landings and it seems to have been working just fine. I did about 20 touch and goes yesterday and all of them had counted. So the system is working as designed.

There is a slight delay in how the landings are recorded. From my observations it appears your stats are updated about every 5 minutes of session activity. So if you’re not seeing instantaneous results that may be why.



Thanks appreciate the help !

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That might be why some of my landings don’t make it. I usually stay on the ground for half that time.

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