Landings not counting

I am completeing all the requirements for landings to count but ever since I’ve Updated the app they haven’t been counting anymore, even on An hour plus flight it’s still Would not Count. I am four landings away from grade 2, and this is very frustrating.

Device: iPhone 15 pro
Operating system: iOS 17.3.1


Are you landing past the threshold hold and not on the displacement. Thats probably 99% why there not registering. If not, its a Internet issue.

Nah, its happening to me too, landing past the threshold and my internet connection is perfectly fine, seems like another bug, Ive fowarded it to one of the devs


Oh interesting, I new that the update was buggy like they always are. But I didn’t know they were lacking that much.

Happening to me as well.

Neither total landing or last 90 days landings are updated after the update. I have done ~ 10 today


My landing time is between 17 minutes and 22 minutes each time. I landed more than ten times. But the number of landings on my homepage has not increased

Operating system:ios17.3

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Happened to me too. My landings, xp and flight time after each flight wasnt counted. (happened after the update)


Me too!! I tried to clear cache and restarting the app but xp and landing still not count

Hey everyone! Please see below:

Is it affecting ATC stats as well? The app is not adding my ops and also not showing the time controlled.

There’s a bug on the ATC Summary page that’s been there for while. So you’ll have to look at the total stats.

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And what about operations shown on opening page? Currently showing atleast 2k ops less.

Might be something we need to fix there. I manually refreshed your stats now and it jumped up by 2k.

We’ll look into it.

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Okay! Thank you so much for your help!

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