Landings not counting

I’ve been grinding landings on casual and nothing is counting. In the little landing counter like it goes up. But not on the stats bord

Hey! Anything on solo doesn’t reflect on your flight stats. Only online activities do.

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Wait I meant causal not solo

Try re-loading the app, jump in a very short flight online, and then your stats should update.

Ok I will try

Still not working

Try re-starting your device.


Did you successfully land before you ended your flight, or did you crash?

Crashed before ending my flight. But I got landings before I crashes

Also didn’t work

I don’t think anything counts when you crash unfortunately.

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I can say from personal experience that when you crash, nothing saves

Oh dang rip.

Note: If you takeoff and land before 30 seconds the landings don’t count. So check if you are doing very fast patterns.

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That wasn’t it bc the landing count led on the ui was going up. The problem was that I was crashing before i ended the flight

Landings won’t count, unless you finish your flight safe and sound.

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I say it from my experience, although before if you could tell even if you crash, but with the recent updates, I think they removed that.

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