Landings Not Counting


I just flew a lot of patterns in the A350, the C172, and the 747-8, and my landing count has not increased at all. I flew on Expert Server and on Solo. Is there a way to fix this?

My display name is
IFC - Alaska096

Thank you for your help!

Solo flights will not count towards your landing count.

Did you ensure that you had 30 seconds of flight time between each landing?


I only actually landed on Solo once because I noticed the problem.

Most of my landings (there were at least 15 of them) were on the Expert Server. There was always around three minutes between landings (enough time to fly a full pattern in the A350)

  • Reboot your device
  • Log in and record your landing count
  • Do a quick pattern at an airport on Live
  • exit the flight and check your stats.
  • Let me know when you are done and we can check.

I’ve completed most of those; let me try the remaining ones (rebooting device and logging out and back in)

Make sure of the following, just in case:

  • Landings are longer than 30 seconds apart

  • Main gear is touching down

  • You’re landing on an actual runway

You never know. Until you do.

All are true

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At which speed are you landing at? I’ve found that landing with too much speed will result in an uncounted landing especially with the TBM.

In the A350 (most of my landings), I landed at anywhere from 135-145 knots (they were very smooth)

A way you can check if your landings are counting real time is by going into your toolbar at the bottom and choose the “Landings” display. If you’re on a live server and you see this number increase, your landings are counting. If you do not see this number change from 0 then you’re not doing complete landings.

That number changed while on the Live Server, but it has not changed in my stats

That should be a fine speed. Many of us that are Grade 5 end up doing lots of circuits, especially DeerCrusher and Nate. I don’t believe that there is an issue with the app counting landings with that being said. I did almost 500 landings last month running various tests with different landing speeds and all but 2 didn’t count.

I’m about to fly a quick pattern at LAX

All good! 👍

It actually seems to have counted one of the landings I did. It was probably the really hard one that I did at first. Let me try landing really hard (-200 or -300 fpm)

It actually appears to be counting my landings but very slowly.

So, it seems to be kind of counting my landings, but it is very slow