Landings not counting

Oh I can’t upload that

I think I noticed the problem, my plane doesn’t seem to actually touch down on the runway

Here’s what I mean, the plane just floats underneath the runway

That could be a replay issue.
You didn’t think of if the main gear touched?

Ok I tried with an embraer instead and it counted my landing, I don’t know if it was a problem with the plane, the device or the server, but my aircraft wasn’t really touching down before

Thanks for your help!

Remember on the status bar. Have the landing one set. So you can see if your landings are counting or not🙂👍

That’s what I do for every flight and it counted it right away!

I’m not really sure what to put as the solution for this, do I have to click something as a solution?

No, and furthermore nothing was really wrong, if indeed your plane wasn’t touching the ground. Then nothing was wrong with the App thus no solution.🙂

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Ok great, this topic can now be closed