Landings not counting

Hello everyone, I’m doing pattern work in a f-14 like I do every week. Normally it counts my landings when I touch down on the runway but it stopped doing that. Can anyone help?

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Sometimes an app restart is required for it to sync up. This assuming you were on any of the Live servers and that you were not disconnected during the session :)


Ok I will try that and let you know what happens

Sorry this is a stupid question but I’m not very tech savvy, is an app restart where I delete it and download it again?

you just close the app in the background and relaunch it🙂👍

Oh like double tapping and swiping up?

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No worries.

No, a reinstall should not be required. Android usually have a functionality to bring up all active apps. On iOS, it’s either double tap on the home button and the swipe IF away or swipe up and then swipe the app away.


Ok I tried restarting the app and it didn’t work

Should I restart my whole device?

So your Total Landing count is the same as it were from before you started the session?

Exactly, that is the case

If you check your replay, is the full session there?

Let me check

Yes the replay is there

Maybe you were landing before the 30 second mark i believe is the time. Thus your landings not counting, maybe future reference on the status bar on the far most right tab after you hold the bar to change what’s displayed on the furthest one to the right there’s an option for landings, set that next time and it’ll tell you how many landings counted

I spawned in and my first landing didn’t count, so it can’t be the 30 second thing

Post your reply to youtube then send the link to here, so it can be further looked into too see what went wrong 🙂

Ok will a screen recording work instead?

Not really… Being able to view the whole video from start to end would be ideal. Because only seeing a second of it, isn’t seeing the whole story.

It’s a video not a picture