Landings not counting

Hi. I am currently only able to play casual servers. This is because my landings aren’t counting. Can someone please help?
Thank you😊

Only live flights will count towards your stats. Flying on solo does not count.

When you are done with your flight make sure you cleanly exit out of flight by pressing the “End Flight” button.

For a landing to count the main gear needs to make contact with the runway (landing on water, ground, taxiway does not count). Bouncing up and down multiple times do not result in a landing. Spread out your landings. Some landings that are too close together in time may not be recorded.

What plane were you in?


If you were online, you have to have all of your wheels on the ground for at least 5-10 seconds for the landing to count. Flying on Solo does not count towards your online progress. Also, it takes a minute to register the landing, so be patient.

If the landings were over 90 days old then they are no longer logged (Under the landings in the past 90 days)

This could be your issue.

Thank you for the help! I was flying the 737-800

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