Landings not counting


Yesterday i did a long haul on 12 hours. When i landed and i quit the flight, i got to the xp “menu” after i quit. Then i checked the landings 90 days and i haven’t receved the landing for that long haul. What to do? 🤔

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I just saw your PM. Anyhow;
Did the total landing count change?

The 90 days is very precise, and if you did a landing 90 days and 2 minutes ago it will be removed from that parameter/counter.

No it haven’t change. Got a picture yesterday after i landed, still the same as now.

If the total didn’t change, it’s probably due to an issue we’re investigating but haven’t figured out yet.

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Ahh okay, that may be the problem then. For yes the total didnt change.

We’re working on it but it’s a strange one and it’s very inconsistent. Hoping we’ll have it figured out soon!

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You will, but thanks for the answers so quickly. You may close this now 👍🏼