Landings not counting.

Hi last night I did a flight which I completed successfully.I taxi to parking before leaving I noticed that it wasn’t counted and right I just did a quick touch and goes and I realized that one to wasn’t counted.

It will count once you end the flight.

Is it a problem with my phone because I have restarted it so many times but still.

Did you end the flight completely and see your XP or did you close the app?

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Yes please it gave me the XP and all the other stuff.

We are aware of an issue with some landings not being counted in certain conditions. The developers are actively looking into this and are working on finding a solution as quickly as possible.

The best advice is to make sure you have a strong connection and do not multi-task on your device while landing. When ready, exit the flight by using the end flight button instead of force closing the app.

Okay thank you very much I think this topic can be closed now.