Landings not counting on live

For the last few days, none of my landing in live area counting. I’ve tried touch and goes, and full landing with taxing to parking. I’m now having less landing than I had the last time I was on. Anyone have any suggestions? Yes, I know I have the ghost, stupid error on my part.

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Not sure about the exact science, but some time the game needs a bit time to update all the stats. How long has this been going on for?

It been like this for nearly two weeks now. I’ll get to 99 lands and sticks. Occasionally it bumps down a few landing like it is now.

It’ll bump down since the landings you did 90 days ago because 91 the next day, and don’t count, if that makes sense. Not sure why it does that though? Best I can say is restart the app and the phone if you haven’t already. Are you sure you’re not loosing the equivalent that you gain? Sounds a bit far fetched, and it might be

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