Landings not counting if crashed

When doing circuits and multiple touch and go’s, if you crash, you lose all your previous landings.
Over the last two days, I must have done 20+ landings, but crashed a couple of times which had caused all the those landings to not count.

Is this a common occurrence?

Yes. It happens if you crash. I’ve done it once a few months ago and lost mine.


Well if you crash before you end the flight then yeah the landings will not count. So I guess it could be called a common occurrence.

To fix it just don’t crash.


If you do 10 landings and crash on the 11th you should get credit for those 10.

Try to do a flight on casual for a few minutes and then cleanly end the flight. This will often push updates to your stats. The key is to press end flight and not just kill the app.

Thanks @Chris_S.
I read on another thread that doing a normal flight, landing, and ending the flight should push it through. So I did that, closed down the app and re-started it, and still no luck unfortunately.

You cant shut the app down. You need to press end fight, let it update things and then you can close it. Do a 15 min flight with a landing and then see. But the more you do restarting and things the more likely the landings may be lost unfortunately.

Sorry, to be clear, I did a normal flight, landed, taxied & parked. Ended the flight, and returned to the Home Screen, landings hadn’t updated, so I restarted the app the see if that refreshed it, but no success.

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