Landings not counted

I was doing some short hops in the Chicagoland area landing at Chicago executive in the Cessna 208 caravan and my landings are not counting. I’ve restarted the app redoing the landings and still nothing

Hey! Are you sure your landings comply with the requirements listed below?

Yes I did everything right

Are you on a live server?

Landings have to be in a live server to count.

Yes I am I got booted from training to casual because of landing in 90 days.

Does the landings still not add up when you end the flight? Landings won’t add up during the flight in your grade table.

Yes I have ended the flights each time I come to the stop on the runways.

Yes it does not

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How much time in between each touchdown?

A minute or two

🤔. If your in the live server and your waiting a minute or two before each touchdown it should be working. I’m assuming your landing on a runway and not a taxiway/grass

Yes your correct

Thats weird. Maybe there’s some connection problems. Is your WiFi and device running smoothly?

How long are you staying on a runway…

The limit is 30 seconds. If you are doing as you say and landing on a runway minutes apart, it should work.

What aircraft are you in?

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@Suhas here it is

I think the nose gear has to touch the runway for it to count as a landing

You may wish to change one of the flight parameters below to display landings count. That way, you can see every time when you touch down, does it constitute as a landing or not.

I think you can already see if your landing did count

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Handled via email