Landings not being registered

Hello and good day from where ever you pilots are. I have just finished a flight from Addis Ababa to Vienna and apparently my landing was not registered. I checked my other previous flights as well and none of them have been registered. Now to let you guys know, that was in the expert server. I have also came across a post similar to this that was 11 days ago. So if anyone can help me out to find out if this is a glitch or am I doing something wrong. I’ll be back with you for answers as soon as I can. Happy flying and have a peaceful blue skies.

Hi there!

Are you sure that you are touching down on an actual runway (past the threshold) with the landing gear lowered?

Yes, it was at LOWW on RWY 34


May i ask what you base this about your landings not being counted? :)

Since these are the stats added to your account after the flight you mentioned:

Then how was i not able to see the landing counts at the end of the flight? At least it counted the landing though that’s the important part.

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It’s not shown anywhere in the app specifically.
The things shown in the summary is flight time, violations & XP.


So if i land after the threshold it should count correct?

Yes, you must last past the threshold.

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Understood then I think that resolves everything. Have a great day.

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