Landings not being recorded properly

I have 105 landings at the moment but this information is incorrect. I should have over 110 landings as of this day give or take a few.
I will provide you with screenshots of the information necessary to correct this information. The first 2 shots are before I made the current flight. The last 2 are the most current as of about 10 minutes ago. I ask respectfully that you look into the matter as to correct the problem and continue on with the correct number of landings. This problem started about a week ago. I thought an anonymous problem that would correct itself. So you know I appreciate all the hard work that goes through upgrades to this amazing program and thank you all for your continued hard work. Thank you,
Steven Maniaci

These 2 screenshots are before my flight tonight EST

The following 2 screenshots are after my flight and still reflect 105 landings when it should be 110 give or take 1 or 2.


They both reflect 1,040 overall landings and 105 landings in the past 90 days.
Please let me know if I am not following Infinitflight protocol when it comes to another reason that I am unknown of. Again thank you for you continued extremely wonderful work all of you are doing. It doesn’t go unnoticed by those of us who take this app very seriously.
Sincerely, Steven Maniaci

I believe it takes a while for the server to update


Like @ewanfleming said it takes time to update. Patience is the key to life. 😊


I did not realize that this was associated with the update. I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND WHERE ALL OF YOU ARE COMING FROM!!
And thank you for your continued support. Safe Flying!! And please PLEASE Pass This on too your fellow companions with my regards.

Your Brother in JESUS Christ,


As long as this topic has been brought up here…somebody needs to ask @ValXp…l believe who is the dev behind the Infinite Flight Tracker app for android devices…why the total landings stats registered there compared to the IF info directly…have a differential of around 2500 or so… how is it calculated to have that much of a discrepancy…

Captain Katman
Thank you for your input my friend. Hav have you also experienced discrepancies in your landing stats as well??
I don’t know if you had seen the response I received from IF. They claim that it is because of the next update to the app, which I can understand. But your point is well worth being said. Thank You for your response.

Happens to me all the time. It might be a couple of days before you see those numbers change. I had the same complaint when I first started but before I could say anything, it corrected itself.

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I guess you are not aware that l am referring to the Flight Tracker app for android which is an excellent third party app created by @ValXp …accurate in all other categories except the total landing data…and far easier to use than the website based Live Flight helper…IMHO… so hopefully it’s next update will fix that glitch…

Common issue unfortunately but I recommend doing another flight and get at least one minute flight time then end it, this should make the landings appear on your stats. I had mine not appear for two days until I did that so try it out.

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Thank you for the helpful information😊😊😊😊😊
I will try this and let you know what happens.
Very happy And sincerely,
Captain Katman


Thank You for your input friend. I appreciate you going out of your way to text me.
Sincerely,Captain Katman

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Thank You for your quick response to my problem. I’ll be checking for the stats as I continue to fly.
Sincerely, Captain Katman

I figured as much thank you for your response and understanding with my problem. With patience, which I do have a bit of thank the Lord, I will patiently await the results
Sincerely, Captain Katman

If your device is android… then go to the GPS and download the app…Infinite Flight Tracker… it’s free…you will wonder how you ever got along without it… and then compare its stats with the IF pilot page …there is no IOS version yet…

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As you can see now my landings have started to go backwards. I need to know how to solve this issue. Please help me with this

Okay, so what device are you using (excuse my ignorance if you’ve already stated)?
And just an FYI, the first (top) picture isn’t showing, just try to upload it again, if you were trying to upload a pic there :).

Kevin scroll above and you’ll see that I have 105 landings which at that time last week was more like 110. Now the latest upload shows 102 landings. Which shows that my landings are going backwards.

My bad the above shows 102. Scroll above till you see 105 landings and it will all make sense.
My bad again I am using an iPad iOS 10.3.2

You’re looking at the landings in the last 90 days. Those are not your total landings. The number you’re looking at will change if you’ve flown frequently or not as frequent during the period of time.


As @DeerCrusher said, that number you’re looking at on the bottom will change if you don’t fly frequently enough.