Landings not being logged

My landings are not being logged. It’s been stuck on 168 in 90 days and landings don’t appear to get added.


Sorry to hear that.
What’s interesting in these cases is if the “Total landings” are increasing? Is that something you’ve kept an eye on?

I usually just watch my 90 day total. I am usually level 4 but just got a an over speed so just waiting for that to clear and was trying to keep my 90 day in check. I hadn’t noticed the overall was increasing though.

Is your account linked with your Community profile? If not, can you share your current callsign?

It should be. Critter

It seems to be working as it should.

Checked your flights for the past 48hrs and all had landings counted on them.
The most logical explanation to this, would be that you’re keeping your amount of landings at quite a steady state. As it removes the ones that are more than 90 days old and adds the ones that are less than 90 days ago, it could look “stuck” if the landing rate is similar.

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Ok I just landed At SFO this morning from LAX. It was 168 when I left and it is still 168. Did a landing drop off in that same moment. I did a bunch them yesterday also.

I just did another at Oakland and it counted it.


And we haven’t changed a thing. It’s most likely just timing. I saw several landings from you yesterday, with one of the flights containing multiple landings.

As long as the landings are counted on each flight session, it’s all good. Landings (90 days) just pulls from the same data, and extrapolates the date.

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