Landings not being counted

Device: iPad Pro 12,9 " 6th generation (2022)
Operating system: iPadOS 17.0.1

Yesterday I made a long haul, the landing was count but doesn’t show in my stats. Right now I flew the p38 and landed again. It says it’s was counted as a landed, but in stats the landing count remains 156.

Please help me, thanks

Hey there!

Landings should be counted as long as they’re on a runway anywhere between the 2 thresholds, and more than 30s apart. Can you confirm that these conditions are met when you’re landing?

Is this the total landing count, or the 90-day landing count you’re referencing here?


Total landings count, I had 30 seconds between takeoff and landings, I landed in the middle of the runway

For the long haul I landed on touchdown zone

I will do a 20 hour nonstop flight now, will inform if the landing will be counted or not

Could you send us the replays of the flights you suspect did not have their landings recorded? It’ll help us see if the landing criteria are really being met, or if something else is causing these issues and we need to dig deeper.

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