Landings not being counted

I am having issues with landing not being counted, this has happened multiple times, first couple times i shrugged it off as a glitch when it happend like the 4 time i checked if my landing was counted but it wasnt, this has been happening to me for like a month and happened for around 10-15 flights that i have done

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Hello! Landings are only counted on live servers, not in solo mode. So if you are doing the flights in solo mode, they dont count! I believe that may be the issue!

Hi @AV-AMAN! Do you remember the most recent flight where a landing wasn’t counted? 😊

There might be a glitch where the landing count shows 0 at the end of the flight, but the landing is counted in the background anyway. Compare the landing count before a flight with the landing count after finishing the flight, it should be updated.

Nah i fly in expert servers

Not the most recent, but I remember when i flew from AUH to YYZ it didnt count

Did you get a summary after the flight ‘e.g. flight time, xp’. If you didnt that means you werent actually connected to their live servers, but you can still play on their actual servers (e.g. expert) but your stats dont count
It happened to me once without realising.

I was trying to understand this as best I could. Because I come from the experience of believing I have never had my landings not be counted (and I have many thousands of landings).

I’m not saying it’s impossible. But often such perception might be from either a slight delay of landing registration, or the rolling count system causing earlier landings (counting towards the current grade) expiring upon the current day.

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Yes i did tho

Hi! I have run into this issue as well, but I have found that it really only happens if I land short of (or way off center) the runway. What does your usual landing profile look like when it glitches?

As of my experience in doing fast patterns, a bad mess landing tends not to be counted. I checked it in the status bar. Check if you did that landing well.

Have you activated the landing count data item at the bottom of the screen when you practice landings?

If you continue to believe your landings are not all being counted, see if the landings detected during flight get added to your total when you exit the flight.

This will help isolate any possible problem: detection of landing vs saving the flight count to the total.

Sometimes it can taka while for your stats to update. Its happened to me a few times

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