Landings not being counted

Working for landing to get level two and it isn’t counting

Hi, have you:
Closed then re open the app?
Restart your device?
Uninstalled and reinstalled the app?



It takes time to update your stats, so I would wait 10 minutes and check again.

  • What if it did not update the stats?

Here few things you can do.

  1. Restart IF
  2. Restart your device
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Stats will take some time to update. Usually if you end your flight and start a new flight it will update while on the home screen. Trust me, it will update eventually.

Just sit back and relax and continue to fly patterns #FlyGA ;)


Thank you it started working again

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Any action or you waited?

I waited for 10 minuets

Which mean it is not a bug, it takes time to update your stats. Have fun flying!

Try a pattern again and see if it counts.

Make sure you are landing on the runway and that the main gear touches. Bouncing on the runway will not generate multiple landings.

There is no way to retroactively go back and give landings. Sometimes rebooting, restarting, and a new flight will cause it to show up.

sometimes this happens

It happens to me all the time. when i look back on my patterns, sometimes my main gear bounced and i didn’t “land”. This resulted in me not getting the landing… But sometimes the landings don’t show up for me until i leave the flight, this is so the system can update :)

I make sure I’m fully stopedon the run way and leave the session and then look

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