Landings not adding up

My landings are not counting. I seem to be stuck on 177. I have done about 15 landings in the last few days and it stays on 177. Any ideas?

Could you list your device, storage as well? What are you doing that is causing your landings to not count, maybe a possible server as well? Are you doing one landing a day?

Also take a look at what was mentioned, and try what is suggested.

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Hi! Sorry for any inconvenience this may of brought forward. Can you also confirm you’ve been performing these landings while doing an online flight? Landings and all flight time on solo mode will not count towards your profile.

I have an iPad Pro with plenty of storage left. I only fly on the expert server and I typically do between two and four landings per day. Sometimes just one. I do not do touching goes nor fly on solo mode.

Try logging out and logging back into your account.

If that doesn’t work, restart the app.

If that doesn’t work, reinstall the app (bearing in mind you will lose your replays if you do this - so save any ones you want to keep).

See if any of those steps works.

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OK, I’ve restarted the app a few times with no luck, ill give your other suggestions a go now.

Now my total landings are going up but not my landings last 90 days… am i missing something here? Lol

Landings per 90 days are rolling, meaning every day it essentially updates, and a set of landings from 91 days and longer now don’t count, which is probably why it isn’t going up yet.

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