Landings Needed

Hi! Can you people please suggest some really short flights. I just need a few more landings to up my grade. I am looking for 20-40 min flights

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Try to do pattern works, airports with many runways are the best.

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  1. change thé category to #live
  2. you could just do pattern work

hello easiest way to grab landings is to do TOUCH AND GOES
Fly patterns at any airport with multiple runways on a TBM or any light aircrafts
Happy landings and support is not the place for such things

Lax to sfo

That’s like 1h 10min

Try EGCC to the Isle of Man. It is around 15-20 minutes.

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KSMO - KPSP, KPSP - KFAT - KFAT - KLBG. try doing short hops from places with a lot of GA flying

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Fly between KRDU, KGSO, KCLT, and KAVL in North Carolina. Short hops that are real-life commercial routes (if to/from KCLT).

Do KEDW in an xcub. I got 100 landings in 1 hour. It is truly amazing since there’s so many runways


When I first got onto live, I flew in the CRJ (it was the fastest and lightest I could control) from Boeing field to Seattle almost 20 times. It made pretty quick work of it

You can just do pattern work, but if you insist on flights, LAX-LGB, SFO-SJC, and DFW-AFW are good choices.


Or you could just do pattern work at an airport.

there is EGKK to EGLL and there is (a 1 hour flight) from OERK to OEHL

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KFLX to KNFL is a very short route, and that’s how I grind landings Only a 2 minute flight in the Cessna Citation 😂. If you’re looking for 20 - 40 minute flights, KATL to KCLT is a good route. EGCC to EGPF is another good 40-ish minute flight.

Also, welcome to the IFC, @m7md_qahtani! Great to have you here! If there’s anything you need, just talk to be and I’ll be able to help!

I flew Kuala Lumpur to Penang yesterday which is a 40 minute flight in an Air Asia A320!

You want landings do lots of pattern work I suggest many small airports such as Edwards and on casual server . The best airports are the ones with parallel runways and the TBM with no flaps works awesome especially for tight patterns. I did almost 1000 landings this week alone . Best wishes and welcome !

Try going to KDEN. Take off from one runway and then just do 90° turns to either your right or left to the next runway. You’ll basically make a square.
It’ll look something like this.

Do this on casual server though as it is nowhere near a realistic procedure.

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Also keep in mind that you need to constantly be doing landings. If you hurry and do 30 today, in 91 days that will drop off and your count will go down by 30. So I hope you have kept it up to maintain it.

Additionally, if you just land to get landings you are not doing yourself any justice in terms of quality. Make sure it is quality over quantity.

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Othh obbi!