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Hello everyone, ok so 3 days ago, i went to check my Grade stats, and i was at 240 something Landings (90 days) and then the next day when i checked again, i was at 184 Landings (90 days). Then i got confused because how did i lose soo many landings, and then i did a few touch and goes and i got back up to Grade 5. And then the next day when i check again, i was at 155 Landings (90 days). Then now i was getting mad because i dont know whats wrong with my Grade stats. Can someone help me out on this situation. Thank You!

It’s a rolling 90 day period. What this means is if 90 days ago I did 20 landings, come tomorrow I will have 20 less as they have dropped out of the 90 day period.

I hope this helps.

I mean i was active like every single day, and also i did my landings almost every day as well. Thank You for your response and it really helped me out. Have a good day Chris!

It just depends on how many you do in that day. I know that come a few months time I will lose 50 or so landing within 2 days a because a few weeks back I did that many landings to maintain a my grade. If you need any more help with this, PM me.

So do you know a way to maintain my Grade 5? I know i could always do Touch and Goes but once again this situation is gonna happen again lol.

That’s the only way unless you do a lot of flights. I usually have to get 70 or so from touch and goes every few months. It’s boring but that’s what I do to keep grade 5

Ok wait so your saying is, If i do Touch and goes right now, i will reach Grade 5, but in the next 3 months, my landings are gonna drop, and i have to repeat that process?

No what I’m saying is that for grade 5 you need 200 landings over 90 days. If you 20 do touch and goes today then in 91 days time they will be wiped and you will have to do 20 more to make it 200 again

Last 90 days is a rolling time period.

Just like if you said “how many times has X happened in the last month?” The ‘last month’ part is determined by when you’re saying it.

The table looks back 90 24-hour periods from the time you’re looking at it and counts the landings.

If you average 15 landings a week, or just over 2 a day, then you will maintain G5. The problem is if you do a large amount of landings in one day then 90 days later you will lose all that from the rolling average (your total landings will remain though!)

Over time you will need minimum 9 landings per day right…crazy job! 750\90

750? You only need 200 in last 90 days to maintain G5.

Personally as much as I love IF, real world commitments mean I am never going to be above a G3!


My bad!! ;)

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