Landings Help

Hey Y’all
I have been flying a lot recently
As my XP goes up
My landings per 90 days does no budge or goes down
Like I just landed into KLAX my XP went up
My Landings should be at like 104 it’s at 100
Here is the proof

What should I do?

Thanks for any help in an advance

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So what is going on?

I’d make sure of these rules if you are trying to do touch and goes.

-Must Land 30 seconds apart from each landing.

-Do not crash, no stats will count if you end up crashing your aircraft.

-Reset your app after each session.

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I am not doing touch and goes
But thank you so much for the advice

Have you tried uninstalling and installing Infinite Flight?

Yes I have
Still does the same

And reset the device?

I do that after every flight

And reboot the device from factory? I mean delete everything …

I have not done that

You could clear IF’s cache

You could try! Ami they have told me twice about the landing that were not counted. In one uninstall and install the Infinite Flight nyevo and it was solved. In the second case, Restore my device to factory and it is solved.

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Do u think that would work? @MisterSir

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Nothing is lost by trying!

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Maybe. It can help sometimes.

Anything you can write to me by PM !. I will answer you for sure. @SWA1997 ☺️

Well, looking at this, it seems to me you are doing a flight a day and landing once a day, so as a new day starts you are staying 100, I could be wrong, that is what it looks like to me.

Also, clearing IF’s cache scenery is not going to fix it, clearing IF’s cache scenery is only for scenery issues, and by what is being described, it seems like it is not a scenery issue.

To see if it is a game issue, could you do some touch n’ goes following the tips mentioned above by @InFlightMexicoGirl?

If the landings go up, then you were just doing one landing a day, if not, more technical help would be needed.

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Just to clarify, I didn’t mean scenery cache when I wrote it, I meant the app cache.

I have no problem doing touches and takeoffs.

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Hey there! @SWA1997 is not talking about grade, they were wondering as to why there landings are counting