Landings do not count

Hey, I’m wanting to upgrade to my next grade, but when I land the landing count doesn’t go up.

Yes I’m on Live
Yes I’m using flaps
Yes I’m using the correct speed
Yes I’m flaring
Yes I’m landing in the touchdown zone

Very interesting. Maybe it’s just an issue with statistics. Try restarting device power, this usually fixes it.

It’s happened to me with flight times.

Already tried that. Thanks anyway

Ok no worries. If you could attach the following.

Game Version:
Device Version:


Device: iPad 2
Game Version: I don’t know where to find that, but I’m updated to the latest update
Device Version: iOS 9.1

Fair enough. Look I’m personally not too sure, but when I had my iPad 2 it was REALLY struggling to both run, and update statistics for infinite flight. Simply because of its age and procession power. I purchased an iPad Air 2 (best one in my opinion 😜) and I’ve never looked back.

I still have it in fact and infinite flight barely loads without severe frame rate loss.

I’m planning on upgrading to an iPad Pro soon. But thanks for trying to help :)


Hey not a problem buddy, I must say I’m very jealous, I’d love to control on one of them. All the best.

For some reason landings count now :P Now I have Min Flight Time: 1 to get the next grade. By 1 does it mean an hour, a day, etc?

If you could attach a photo I could clarify that for you 🙂

But the simplest way of knowing what’s required of you are the things highlighted in ORANGE.

I know what is required, the only thing that is required is Minimum Flight Time: 1
It just says 1, I want to know if that mean 1 hour, 1 day, etc.

Yes the Pro is the real deal. No lag at all.

Oh! My apologies buddy.
If you refer to the sides of the criteria columns you will see its in Days.

As you can see. They are explained in brackets I.e (1 Days)

Used to be Grade 5, but my account got hacked :(

Yep so you need another 1 hours flight time to reach grade 3

I’m very sorry to hear that.

Looks like no advanced for me until another 9 hours lol

Sorry mate I meant 1 hour, you need 9 to get to Grade 4