Landings count

Does anyone else’s game not count their landings

Mine misses one every once in a while, but sometimes you just have to wait and it’ll appear

@MINGO_GAMING Welcome to the community!

If the landings won’t count in the “Live” mode, wait. Keep checking your Flight or Grade status and eventually you will see an increasing count, hopefully.

In order to increase your number of landings, in my opinion you should,

  • Fully Touch down into the ground less than 200kts.
  • Make sure to line up with the Center line of the runway.
  • Make sure to stop to at least less than 100kts when performing a touch and go.
  • Have a good Internet connection when connected to any of the Live servers.
  • Make sure not to get mistaken with the “Live” Mode and the “Solo” Mode.

I can’t say anything after the full information what @Kuba_Jaroszczyk .
He said everything 👍.

There are two cases can lead to this in my experiences, one is your are disconnected to the server due to network issues. The other one is your nose gear does not touch down during a touch and go operation.

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