Landings count not working

So I have been doing many flights with many landings and I just did one flight with 5 landings and it still says 132 landings in 90 days and I was grade 5 before this started!

The servers take some time to update.


The servers take some time to update. Typically closing out of the app completely, and re opening does the trick.

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Wait for some time, and the server will update your rank.

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Check the next day or reopen your app…everything should be fine :)😀

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I have don’t done that 2 times after this flight

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Occasionally that doesn’t work and it takes a day to update. No idea why, but it does happen on occasion.

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Thanks for reaching out to support. As many of your fellow community members mentioned, sometimes your stats updating will not be immediate. Attempt to close and relaunch the app. Allow for at least 24 hours. If you have further issues, please PM directly and I would be happy to assist you!