Landings at Lukla

Lukla or Tensing Hillary Airport in Nepal is notorious for it’s challenging approach and short runway.

Because of the challenge, I decided to give the approach a try. First, I departed in a Cessna Caravan, then flew left into the valley. After a near stall, I turned around, and then I took a steep approach. Approaching from nearly 1,000 feet above airfield, I hit the ground at nearly 90 knots. With full reverse and breaks, I slowed to about 40 knots at the end of the runway, then using most of the apron to slow further. I was able to then come to a complete stop without entering any grass.

I highly recommend this approach for thrill seekers!

Airport: VLNK
Suggested Aircraft: Cessna Caravan
Suggested Flight Plan: Go about 2-5 NM out into either valley, turn around, and approach.
Flight Time: about 2-5 minutes

Give this thrilling approach a try, and happy landings!


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ill give this a try once my 9 hour flight is done!


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Been practicing flying into here in FS2002, absolutely amazing airport

Im going to try that in a few actually. Just got the update, dont want to rush it lol

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