Landings are not counting..

New Pro user.

I haven’t had any landings count since I activated my subscription. See below. Stuck at 4…

This has been a problem with other users lately, and I suggest you check out these topics, see if they can help. If not reply back, and I or one of the helpful community members, or support staff should get back to you.


Sadly there doesn’t seem to be any solutions in either of those topics.

Well, how is your internet connection?

  • Reboot your device
  • Log in and record your landing count
  • Do a quick pattern at an airport on Live
  • exit the flight and check your stats.
  • Let me know when you are done and we can check.

Hi Chris, I just completed this. I also completed a short trip and landed. It shows up but my landings are still at 4.


Internet connection is fiber (1gig).

Where did you land? KJEF?

Correct. I think I just figured it out. My flight plan still had some distance in it after landing. After I land, I have been clearing it. Both times it has counted my landings. I think this is the cause.

Make sure after you land and are done that you cleanly end your flight and see your xp. The plan shouldn’t matter.

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