Landings and takeoffs

That is quite the acsend

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You were ascending WAY to fast.


Realism police is punching the air right now

I like it though


Hahahah yeah I was going very fast

Thank you very much

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Thanks everybody for their opinion I really appreciate it

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Yeah I was ascending around 210 knots

Around 210 knots

Yeah it is

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This pic was taken December 2nd also I took off from KOSH airport and there is a river right next to it.
Also this pic was taken at 2:30

Also I will be posting more pics later

What was your vertical speed?

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I don’t know the vertical speed

Umm. VS is ___?

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I don’t know the vertical spe

Looked like it was 5000+

Yeah it looks like it

No sorry a was ascending around 270 knots

How do you know what’s the vertical speed?

This is an Airbus A380 in KCLT airport also this was taken in December 26 at 12:31
Also I just took of from KCLT airport