Landings and Flights

My landings-to-flights ratio is ridiculously low, about 0.3 landings per flight. My stats show I’ve flown nearly 900 flights, which doesn’t seem right. I think this can be attributed to the fact that each time you log on is counted as a flight. Sometimes I’ll come on to check out traffic, or maybe I’ll switch gates a couple times, and these all become recorded individually. To fix this “issue”, I am requesting that the developers do the following:

1) Delete from the database all previous flights under 1 minute in length so user statistics seem more reasonable.


2) Redo the flight recording system so that flights only count when your aircraft is airborne.

Thanks @Rotate for mentioning this.

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Booo, I have more landings than flights :P 💪

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Oh my, you know the ole sayin’ …

“a good Pilot has just as many landings as takeoffs”

not sure how small that percentage is, by that definition on this Leaderboard, I would not be a good Pilot myself! 😎

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This is a really good point you brought up. I had to check it out a few times myself to confirm.

Myself, I generally fly once and land once so I can calculate my landing points. I always want to see how I well or poorly I scored on the landing.

But when looking in the Infinite Flight Accounts page, just logging in and logging out counts towards the “Online Flights” stats.

They need to change “Online Flights” to simply “Online”, for the reasons you pointed out, as well as other reasons I can think of.

“Online Flights” should only refer to flights that end with a landing and full stop.

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Right, sometimes just wanna hang out at the tower and watch …