Landings 90 days issue

I know that our Landings get less if you don’t land but yesterday I had 150 landings per 90 days now today I have 130 landings in 90 days so in about 20 hours I lost 20 landings per 90 days something isn’t right.


This day 90 days ago you may have done a few T&G’s to keep them up, this may be the reason why. I hardly doubt it is an internal issue. This always has to be taken into account when doing T&G’s.

Cigning off.


But I’m still In My 90 day period trying to get my 180 landings for my grade 5 but it’s difficult because the landings gets taken away so quickly.

Getting Grade 5 takes dedication, unfortunately it will not be put down… I will attach the Grade table :)


Nooo I know but that means you have to do touches and goes like every 5 hours then to get there and I have things I do during the day 😊

Doing 10 touch and goes a day takes 5 mins, if you don’t have 5 mins personally I don’t think you should have grade 5 because you are too busy. Look on the bright side you still get to be on ES :)

Cign :)

Doing 10 touch and goes takes abit longer then 5 minute more like 20 mins otherwise you rush you’re landings tho

Honestly though, there’s really no point into grinding for grade 5. What’s the benefit? Surely theres the cool colour tag of course, but other than that, it’s pretty much just nothing. I am grade 5 personally but I didn’t grind for it, it took quite a long time actually.


If you want to be realistic it does, but just take an XCUB to KORD on casual and you will have them in no time :)

Thats true tho but it just is scary how quickly the landings dissappear but it’s nice just knowing you’re a grade 5 you know haha but that is supper cool 😊

That’s true so you have to do touches and goes every day atleast 50 landings a day

If you were grinding for landings and you got grade 5 that day, after 90 days all those landings will drop. It would be a pain to do 180 or so landings a day.

no. you actually only need to do 2 a day thats 1 min of work to get G5. Its gotta be consistent tho.

Cign :)

That’s true tho I am at 500 landings still need 300 landings to get G5 but appreciate the help how long did if take you to get G5

That’s true haha maybe I should tho 😊 😊

It took me 5 months to get Grade 5. Here are my current stats. (I have only been on IF for 5 month too)

Grade 5
1340 hours flight time
1021 landings
768 landings in 90 days
24 violations
950k xp

It takes Time to build everything up but it comes much faster than you would expect! I have my GCSEs coming up as I’m at my final 2 years of secondary school so I think activity will drop but I will always be around!

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