Hello 👋 why sometime I need to do two landing for one landing of 90 days ?
Is this a bug o it’s normal ?

If you mean 100 landings in 90 days to maintain grade four that’s because of math lol.

Edit: 100/90=1.11111

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make sure that the back gear touch the runway and that you wait 30 seconds between each landing or else they won’t count.

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Can you restate or clarify your question please?

It count in landings , but in landings of 90 days I need to do two landings for one landing

So it’s counting two landings for every one landing you do?

I think you are seeing the count due to the moving window of timeframe. Take a look here for more information.

Only in the 90 days of landing

@Kuan_H So in the stats chart, your regular landings go up every time, but the 90 days landings don’t?

Yes , this is I mean

Thank you 😉

So in this picture, the total landings group fine, but the landings (90 days) do not.

If this is the case I truly don’t believe it’s a counting error.

No I don’t this mean

Then can you explain?

@Captain_Merka When I land , the regular landing is count my landing , but the 90 days of landing no , I need to do another flight , and another landing to the 90 days of landing is 1 more

Yes that is what I just said, the Total Landings Costner is working fine, but the 90 day one only counts every other landing.

Yes, so this is normal no?

No, it’s definitely a glitch. Let’s try to get a mod or dev in here @schyllberg maybe…

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Ok thank you

It works fine

Take this into account. And in the status bar on the bottom, hold down on one, and go to the far right. There will be one called “Landings” Select that. Do some T&G’s then end flight, restart app and everything should update. I haven’t had an issue with it. So for me saying there isn’t an issue, is from my POV i don’t have an issue with it so

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