Hello. I was watching this video

And it inspired me to follow approach guides(I forgot what they call it) but if someone can pm me and tell me how to read the approach charts and how to use them correctly.

This should be posted in the #real-world-aviation but your not TL2 (Member) your only a TL1 (Basic User), just keep liking, posting, being active and following the guidelines and you will be there in to time.

But here is a tutorial so you can learn how to read and use them.

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I will PM him about them.

Sorry I know there’s limits but I need this

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Have a read of the tutorial I posted above.

Thanks I needed that. Do you know how to get the correct ones. How to find them based off the airport you come in

Just google it if your flying in IF or use Foreflight if it’s in real life.

Ok thanks for the help

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