After landing the plane often (not always) gets dragged to the right, even if completely on the ground. Also that doesn’t occur for a short time… When you don’t actively use rudder against it the aircraft will just continue

Try turning off Auto-Coordination in the settings.

Also the rudder once on the ground is harder to use as the speed increases. Once you slow down the rudder will be able to be used more.

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So I tried if this also occurs in solo mode… And it did… I gave to admit that it happened a lot rarer after disabling Auto Coordination but still. Here is a video

When you land, If you’re not landing straight on the runway you’re going to go to one side of the runway. And regardless of the rudder input at high speed it’ll do nothing, so if it’s too much go around if not slow the plane down safely and correct it as a lower speed:)

I don’t understand… That was an Airbus A 330 which can land with 130 kts… Also everybody says if there’s crosswind you should correct it 20 ft above the ground to make the nose touch the ground straight

Yea but when landing. If you’re not on the same heading as the runway you’ll slightly go to one side or the other.

No but as you can see in the video I keep everything straight and I am getting pulled over to the side… I am not straight rolling to the side my plain makes a high speed turn to the side by its own even after I corrected heading

Edit: Oh sry. I thought you could already see it… Accepted every watch request

Okay so what seemed to happen there is as soon as you landed to let go of the rudder. But when you landed your nose wheel was still in the air for a short amount of time. And the crosswind just took over and pushed you off the side. What i recommend is trying to aim for the centre line. And upon landing tilt your device forward so all wheels are on the ground. And use rudder regardless. Try to keep it straight at least and don’t let it do what it did.

Ok I will try that but it pushed me to the side even after all wheels were on the ground

Yea because the wind turned you off course slightly, and you didn’t try correcting it with rudder so. What it did is what is expected to happen

Ok thanks I’ll try to fix it

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