hey guys when i am approaching the runway… and when i try to come down to go through the red rectangles… i pitch my plane nose down… which is a faulty approach… I have noticed that many good players descend smoothly without pitching their nose down ( their plane nose is straight or a little upwards and still they descend) just before the short final… . How do i do the same. I have tried but i always have to pitch it down… i also use full flaps

any solutions?

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You have to be fully configured to land, so flaps out, gear out, and most importantly, the right speed. You can control you’re decent with your speed and keep the nose level. If you’re sinking a bit too much, give it more power and vice versa.


You’re obviously flying too fast.

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okay i fly an a380 and a boeing 747 so what should be the ideal landing speed for them?

747-400, 550.000 lbs, Flaps 30, 138 kts.
The A380 has strange physics in IF, so I haven’t any reliable data to share.


yeah but this will solve my problem of descending with nose pitched down?

Yes it will as long as you’re following the glideslope.

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You’ll need to make adjustments with your throttle so be ready for that

would suggest that you practice on one of the smaller ones like the 737 for a while until got the hang of it then go big!

I find that the 767’s land the best, as above I aim to be ‘top of the red squares’ with gear down, flaps ready, speed break armed and about 140-150 kts. Remember to check your weight and balance before you get to that stage too!


Try the Airbus A320: full flaps gear down spoiler armed. The automatic approach mode will show you the right speed and pitch. If you land by your self speed around 140 Knots and adjust the throttle: less power and you increase your rate of descent and viceversa.

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