When I land they don’t record them. It still say 6 when I landed more

Make sure you land on the runway with the gear touching the ground.

When you end your flight, end it by pressing the end flight button, not by closing the app.

It may take a few minutes for the landings to register on your stats and some people have found that they need to restart the app for them to show up.


I have a question that relates to this topic.
When you bounce on the runway, does that count as multiple landings?

If you bounce the plane I highly doubt multiple landings will be counted.

No, only one runway between passes. If you bounce, stop, go, then bounce and go again, it will count only 1 landing.

ok but say I land at any runway at KJFK and I land my original runway but bounce and hit the crossing runway?

Still won’t count. It’s not how the system works.

Bouncing will not result in multiple landings. There are safeguards in place to prevent people from abusing the system.


Also Bouncing ruins the whole landing procedure. I’m sure pilots IRL don’t bounce onto a crossing runway.

if you know what I mean, that is…

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ok thank you

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