I need tips how to land with tablet version

This playlist made by the infinite flight youtube channel has quite a few tutorials for taking off and landing in various aircraft.

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Hey @GaryBoeingfan,

Your best bet is to practice on solo mode first. On solo you can select ‘Short Final’ and just practice with any aircraft that you wish.

You can also select the wind velocity and different factors, including the visibility also. So the better you become the harder you can make it.

If you have any questions, let me know! :)

Hey @GaryBoeingfan
Couple of things to help you out:

  1. As suggested above, practice in solo mode-even crank up the wind and whatnot to practice your crosswinds.

  2. Instead of the “short final” (which can leave you without enough time to react and sometimes sets you up for the incorrect runway) may I suggest setting up in solo for an opposite or better yet CROSSING runway
    In this pic, I’ve setup for final approach to 22R, I’ll execute a go around, then turn for a left traffic pattern to 31R.

  3. There’s PLENTY of stuff on YouTube-my VA has a YT channel with in-depth tutorials on crosswind landings etc.

Here’s the link to that specific one:

  1. Change up your control settings-it took me some tweaking until I was happy-I bumped down sensitivity and changed the null zones around a touch. Here are my settings:

Hope these tips helped! Feel free to PM me anytime you have a question! Be glad to help

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