Hi guys. Anyone know why the F16 spins out very i mean very easily on some runways during landings but none at all on others. Touchdown speed is always 120-140 knots and it only spins out at certain airports. For example islip long island MacArthur or KISP it spins out very easily at on every runway. Gabreski air force base or KFOK it also spins out easily at. Again touchdown speed is on point wings are level upon touch down. It doesnt spin out at JFK Kmia or KFLL. anyone know why this is? Ive been looking around nobody seems to have an answer. Im starting to think its a glitch in the game. Any feedback would be great. Thanks and merry christmas to all


It most likely isn’t a glitch on the game.

It could be the wind at the airport and you might be landing with a crosswind?

F16 doesn’t have realistic physics so if you want to fly military planes, go for the A10;)

Its not. I can land at every nyc airport even newark with no problem weather there is a crosswind or not. KISP and kfok when i touchdown and start to slow below 80 kts the plane starts to slide. It also slides all over at kisp when taxiing.

It’s not an issue with either of those airports. I edited both KISP and KFOK and they are edited the same as every other airport in the Simulator.

When landing, you should have full control of your rudder. You loose control for a split second as you touch down and the controls on the rear wheels. As soon as your front gear touches down, the plane has a tendency to swerve and do weird stuff. Make sure to use the most helpful asset - your brakes

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