if you have advice on landing do not hesitate and the moderator do not close this topic thank you

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Hi @samifbg75,
We have a great section on this forum called #tutorials:flight where you can find detailed explanations on everything from landings to cruising to takeoffs.

Ok tkanks aceorbit

we land on the small or big runway

where everything depends on the atc

It depends on multiple factors, from the wind direction, size/weight of aircraft, active runways in use by the ATC controlling the airport [If there is one]. Here is a good post on how to find the wind direction of an airport:

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but in general which is for takeoff or landing

Are you talking about airports with multiple runways?

because I actually saw the outer runway and for the landing and the runway inside and for the take-off in cdg and yes

Hi!as many have told you, if you look a bit on #tutorial you will find lots of useful information.
Like this:

as at Paris Charles de Gaulle two runway landing and two runway take off

Well, I usually try to shift to the runway that isn’t used for takeoffs by many as it helps get traffic out faster but in the end, it is up to the wind direction, size/weight of aircraft, and active runways in use by the ATC controlling the airport [If there is one].

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which is priority atc or the flight plan

Runways can be used for takeoffs and landings simultaneously, or one or the other. A good example is KLAX. 25R and 24L are often used for takeoffs because they are closer to the terminals, where the aircraft are coming from, and aircraft won’t have to cross a runway to get there. Meanwhile, 25L and 24R are usually used for landings for the opposite reason. The exception to this would be cargo aircraft departing 25L (since their terminal is near it), and some aircraft landing on 25R or 24L as an additional option if it is extremely busy.

100% ATC, if they are telling you to do something do it. If you tried to use the runway that worked with your FPL but not what was in use by the controller on expert you would get ghosted.


This May help you


do not hesitate to ask questions about the landing itself topic is not reserved only for me

We try to use your flight plan to determine what we do, but it depends on if you are arriving, departing and how busy the airport is.

trio yesterday t was not atk a klax server training

On the training server the controllers are training to become expert server controllers so the service will be different. They will make mistakes just like the pilots, as everyone is learning how to use ATC. They may not know how to accomidate your flight plan on departure for example.