When landing are you suppose to keep the brake button on or do you let the spoilers and reverse thrust do the work. I usually let the plane slow down to 70 then apply the brakes. With the a320 auto land the brakes turn on when all the wheels have touched the ground


You should be using brakes, along with reverse thrust, but i usually cut reverse thrust at 50-60kts. At about 40kts I cut spoilers.

I used to not use brakes. As long as you don’t use full reverse thrust, you should be fine using breaks without loosing the realism.


Use all 3, with the brakes and reversers in moderation. No need to put excessive stress on the aircraft and out your passengers through excessive G forces if you have plenty of runway to use, especially if your terminal is up the other end or you have no-one on short final behind you.

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I usually keep the breaks on until the wheels touch the runway, then I let off the breaks, and let the spoilers and reverse thrust do the rest. I let off the reverse thrust when my GS drops to about 40 knots.

I enable auto brakes for all my landings and disengage them as soon as the plane has landed and stable.

Reverse thrusters until about 60-70kts. The amount of reverse thrusters depends on how far down my exit ramp is.

Below 60kts I use only manual brakes.

I retract spoilers and flaps when I am not preoccupied with ATC or steering the plane, could be on the runway, on the exit ramp or taxi way.


I gotta go with @Thomas_Hense and @Rotate here. Both present realistic landings.

Just a side note you may want to drift a bit down the runway at 40-50 kts if you’re far away from the exit way. Make sure to slow down though to avoid a violation.


I never use brakes but only the reverse thrust until it disengages itself, usually at about 30 - 35 knots. Exception will be if the runway is short or I missed my approach a bit and land towards the middle of the runway or if the exit ramp is near, then I will use both at the same time.

I dont use the brakes when touchdown because they are so powerfull. Reverse thrust until 60 knots then I apply manual brakes (pull the rudder straight down). Once on the exit ramp, I retract spoilers, flaps and turn the strobes off.

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While taxiing to the parking spot.
Sometimes aircraft arrive at the gate with their flaps still deployed.

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Yes, Laurens is right. Some airlines ask the pilots to let the flaps remain extended after landing to not ’ use ’ the hydraulic fluid again.

I apply the reverse thrust ounce the spoilers are extended, about 50-60%. And I cut the rev thrust at 60 knots ground speed. I clean the wing just before I exit the runway. Everyone has there own way of doing it, their is no right or wrong way to do it, just don’t have the spoilers on flight for the approach

It’s so hard to land. Takeoff is the easiest!!

I find both quite simple, after a few years experience in IF (started out 1 month before the A380 was reworked)

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So how do u manage to land?

Don’t do to much brake it looks quite silly to see a plane landing and stop few seconds later

Ohhh Ok then. I will try that @Skylines