Okay is it me or what…I can never get a plane that stabilized like they show in videos…It is probably just me because I have seen many. I know I have said this before but I think it needs its own topic.

Read some tutorials first.

I am going to assume that you are referring to low wing aircraft.

The key to a good approach is to keep your plane level as you control your altitude with the throttle.

Point your flight path vector FPV (little circle in the HUD) at the start of the runway

During approach you will need enough speed/flaps to keep the plane flying level to the horizon. If your plane pitches up more than 2 degrees, you will need to increase speed or flaps. If you are pitching below the horizon, you are going too fast.

Throttle controls altitude.
When you intercept the ILS, use your throttle to control vertical speed. With your plane level, reduce throttle until the VS matches the glideslope. Be prepared to increase or lower throttle as necessary.
A one percent change in your throttle setting will change your VS by 50-75 feet per minute.

Approach speeds vary by plane, weight and weather. In IF, a level plane will always ensure you are at the correct speed.


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When I land I only use the autopilot for heading and speed, I control the vertical speed myself

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Thanks for replying everyone!

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Landing is one of those things where you have to practice to get good at.

When my live ran out, for a whole month, I practiced landings then I got good at it.

The key thing for landing is remembering to flare and not going too fast. Remember speeds can be way different for each aircraft!

Hope this helped


Your tips are good and this is a another thing I learned…put your iPad on your lap. Now that approach is nice landing needs to be at a low VS.


Too bad I couldn’t record

Your aircraft is in the middle already a good thing and your flare is perfect.

Remember flare is only 5 degree so don’t over flare. If you can record your landings please do.


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One more thing…can someone show do they hold the iPad in the air or put it on the floor

so hard to fly with a mophie case on a 6+, amazes me how i fly so steady and thanks to APPR on the a320 its easier and i can actually use the wing views while landing

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imageMy best manual landing so far…

Hmm… -1 AGL?

Dunno what that means…throughout my slowdown,my speed did not lower more than it usually does

Hello guys I am happy to do my first manual landing in which I took off and landed a landed a plane,not by choosing a runway and selecting landing. Will post some photos.

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