Landing XP - 437

Hi,flew today from EDDK to EHAM,is it a big amount of XP?P.S.Land ones without pattern work and touch & go.image


Must have been the mother of all landings…


Looks like you archived a smooth landing in strong wind conditions.


The wind was 30 kts

All hail the crosswind landing God


707! Nice!
I wish there was a 707 in IF! 😉


So,as i understood,this is a big amount)

Definitely. Good job! (P.S: Can you teach me the way? I’m horrible at crosswind landings ;-; )

Sadly the system only cares about the smoothness of the landing. You can land totally disaligned or overflaring terribly, as long as you touch the ground smoothly you’ll get your XP.

the approach was good too

The quality of the approach doesn’t impact on the XP calculation.

No,why do u think so?

Guess what? Only Matt and the other devs know exactly what is included in the XP calculation.

I think the crosswind component is a multiplier though if that was truly one landing with 30kt crosswind.

Don’t think,that the crosswind is a multiplier.It was only one landing)

As a witness of this landing, I must say it was a real surprise for me to see such a smooth landing after crazy and windy approach. Good one 👍

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The approach was really terrible)Thank you for yesterday’s flight,flying with u and our mutual friend is a real pleasure.

More wind=more XP
If you do it in a small aircraft you can get 1238XP

I flew an A321 Finnair