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Hey guys ! Doing some flights tonight Amsterdam Schipol - London Heathrow back and fourth but my landings seems to be on the same as when I first opened the app earlier and started flying, have reopened app since but still doesn’t go up can anyone help ?

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Closing and reopening doesn’t really do much, have you tried restarting the app (double tap home button or swipe up, then swipe up IF on most devices)? Have you also made sure that you are following the landing criteria?

I’ve noticed that sometimes Infinite Flight won’t actually count landings as so unless your aircraft is configured for landing (i.e. Flap, gear, and spoiler settings expected for that aircraft during a landing and or touch-and-goes)

Which may also be what @Thunderbolt is referring to as landing criteria

The only things required to be counted as a landing is
-Gear down (obviously…)
-At least one main gear touchdown
-30 seconds since last landing

Which aircraft are you referring to @Tish?

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I believe Spitfire does not count landing unless flaps are deployed. Not sure about other aircraft, only recently done pattern work with the TBM.
Noticed this while flying patterns with the “Landings” info on the information bar at the bottom of the screen.
EDIT: Alongside @AnomalyWaffle I could not recreate that issue with the spitfire

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I just tested landing the spitfire without flaps and it counted it as a landing for me. Not sure why you would be having that issue.

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Interesting. I’ll have to play with it again and see for sure. Also in that case, wouldn’t know why @TheUnluckyDucky 's isn’t working


I am mostly EGLL-MIII ATC but do try to do flights it’s about the one hundredth one that hasn’t even been counted as a landing and year full flaps spoilers gears etc have all been done correctly even rev thrus so I don’t have a clue

That’s very strange for sure.
I’m don’t really have any other solution personally then. If you want to make 100% sure, you can check using the customizable status bar at the bottom of your screen while you’re flying. One of those options in the last menu is called “Landings” and will update with every landing, if you want to test that out

Yeah will do thanks ! Thinking of becoming IFATC but the like 100 of the landings jus haven’t counted it’s taking forever

Yes, definitely unfortunate, but keep training your ATC skills and stay sharp. This should hopefully not be too big of an issue

Can you send a video of you recreating this issue? Or send replay files?

hey waffle sorry for late reply back ! unfortunately i deleted files earlier to make way for new replays as i didn’t know if it took up space on my actual device so tried it sorry if this has made plans a-bit pear shaped

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